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Brad Faxxon, 7 Time PGA Winner 

  " The profile helps you  understand  how to improve your mental game"   

Mental Golf Profile

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A player after our mental golf profile

 "  This online process asks players a series of questions that help  determine a player's attitudes and behaviors. A detailed workshop format  report is generated that explains the player's traits for Five Key  areas of the game. The profile , then, goes a step further by helping  players understand how to use and modify these tendencies to their  advantage"

- Pia Nilsson, former mental coach for Annika Sorenstam, and Lynn Marriott,both Golf Digest's Top 50 instructors, explaining how the Mental Golf Workshop works.....


  The Mental Golf Profile and Workshop will help you improve your golf game in 6 key areas of the game.... 

  • Golf Temperament 
  • Pre-Round Preparation 
  • Mental Tendencies 
  • Course Management 
  • Golf Fitness 
  • Working with Instructors


The Mental Golf Workshop is used and endorsed by:

The Titleist Golf Institute

Vision 54 Golf School

Unlimited Potential Sports Psychology

UMG Leadbetter Golf Academy

Sea Island Learning Center

The Canadian National Golf Team

Numerous Collegiate and High School Teams

The Mental Golf Profile and Workshop

Take 10 minutes, answer about 20 questions. Instantly, you will receive your personalized Mental Golf Profile and Workshop. Unleash your best golf ever

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Jonathon Byrd,

3 Time Winner of the PGA Tour, 2002 PGA Tour Rookie of the Year, 2007 John Deere Champion......

"I  am amazed at how accurate so many of the tendencies and improvement  ideas are for me. It's hard to believe that the results can be so  accurate for this brief survey. My profile helped me analyze myself more  clearly and a really think  about improving my tendencies."

 Christian Smith, M.A.

IMG Mental Conditioning Division, David Leadbetter Golf Academy -

"The  effectiveness of the MGW profile is reflected in its detailed , yet  readable report. A combination of user friendliness and personalized,  practical recommendations for the development of one's mental game both  on and the course makes it a valuable tool for any golfer."


"Golfers  using the profile gain valuable insight and the necessary tools they  can use to improve the mental side of their game. I recently used the  profiles with three touring pros who are students of mine. They all  gained valuable insights. This tool will help any golfer who wants to  improve."

 - Tommy Masters, teaching professional at San Joaquin Country Club and Pebble Beach Golf Academy


The  profile is a great tool to help students with their mental game  strategies. My students particularly like that their reports are written  in golf terminology. Three days after I reviewed profiles with the  first group of my studnets , two had their career rounds.

- Bill Forrest, Director of Instruction Troon Country Club, 2006 PGA Teacher of the Year

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